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Disyembre 9, 2008


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Lovely Tree

Hulyo 15, 2008

I think that I shall never see / A poem lovely as a tree. / A tree whose hungry mouth is prest / Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast; / A tree that looks at God all day, / And lifts her leafy arms to pray; / A tree that may in Summer wear / A nest of robins in her hair; / Upon whose bosom snow has lain; / Who intimately lives with rain. / Poems are made by fools like me, / But only God can make a tree.

Trees by Joyce Kilmer

I thought of that poem the moment I saw this tree. Isn’t it a beauty, looking tall and proud?

Camera: Canon EOS Kiss Digital X

Location: Luneta Park, Manila

Photographer: Salve Canale

Remarkable Exhibition

Hulyo 10, 2008

Indeed life is a circus, even for an insect.

Presenting this balancing act from a red dragonfly.

Camera: Panasonic DMZ FC30

Location: Vegetable Garden, Montalban Rizal

Photographer: Senen Canale


Hunyo 26, 2008

Seeing this thing of beauty abloom is worth all the wait.

Lily, among the many flowers that graced our little garden in May.

Can you see the little grasshopper on the lily’s stamen?

Camera: Sony Ericsson K850i

Location: Montalban, Rizal

Photographer: Salve Canale


Hunyo 12, 2008

As we celebrate the 110th year of Philippine Independence, let us remember the heroes who dedicated their lives for love of country and its people. Let us protect this gift of freedom for the future generation.

A salute to every Filipino who continue to fight for justice and equality.

Camera: Panasonic DMC FZ30

Location: Rizal Park, Manila

Photographer: Senen Canale

Chess, Anyone?

Hunyo 7, 2008

Love to play chess? Looking for new challenges? Try playing on this giant chessboard and see how well you’ll fare. 😀

Camera: Canon Eos Kiss Digital X

Location: Pan de Amerikana, Marikina City

Photographer: Salve Canale

Of Sun, Sky & Conrnfield

Mayo 7, 2008

My dad loves taking pictures of the sun. I find this one captivating (mahalin ang sariling atin 😀 ). This is what I miss about home; nature always has a surprise in store for you.

The most beautiful things are really free.

Camera: Panasonic DMC FZ30

Location: Libjo, Tiwi, Albay

Photographer: Senen Canale